Elderly Woman in Public Housing is Victim of Landlord who Refused to Get Rid of Bed Bug Infestation

elderly bed bug infestations landlords will not deal withIn New Jersey an elderly woman was forced out of her public housing apartment after a fall caused the local fire department to intervene. What the fire department found was more than just a 90 year-old woman who requires a walker laying helpless on the ground. They also discovered a massive bed bug and cockroach infestation.

The Trentonian reports that the landlord, a man by the name of Mr. Rizzio, had been avoiding dealing with the elderly senior’s unsanitary living conditions and thousands of bed bugs that slept in her mattress every night for the last 6 years. Rizzio is even reported to have blamed her for the bed bugs rather than simply exterminating the bedbugs.

Just like I always say, landlords are both ill-equipped and lazy to solve an active bed bug problem with effective and safe treatments. First of all, as in the case of Rizzio, they often go with the cheapest bed bug solution or treatment they can find- in this case spraying cans of Raid- and when that doesn’t work, they simply deny, obfuscate, deflect, and blame the tenant. Second, they don’t want to get a bed bug exterminator because treating one building in an average apartment complex is going to cost anywhere from 10 – 20K.

Landlords are not doing enough about bed bugs

Landlords, like all other business owners, have a small margin for profit and a large margin for loss. Spending thousands of dollars on a bed bug problem literally wipes out most of the money an apartment management company would make to break even for the year.

This is why tenants like the one above from Trenton needs to take matters into their own hands with a pro-active strategy in dealing with pests. Today we’re going to give you that strategy.

How to get rid of bed bugs and bedbug eggs yourself in your mattress

Bed bugs hide 70% of the time or more between the mattress, box spring, and bed frame itself. Next, they prefer the carpet and any type of enclosure or dark spot. For a bed bug this could be hanging on to the ledge of the headboard that’s built into the wall, some nearby furniture, or even power outlets.

bed bugs hide in dirty clothesTidy up. Pay someone to come clean your house if you’re disabled or elderly. Throw out your mattress if you have to. When dealing with bed bugs, realize that this is war.

Put all your clothes in a trash bag with some DE you can get here that you should also use for how to get rid of bed bugs in your mattress.

Set those bags outside your home for several days. Shake them up every few days to distribute the bed bug killing powder. When it comes time to wash, take them to a laundromat and wash and dry them on high heat for at least 30 minutes.

Survey your room for hiding places of bed bugs. Apply an effective layer of DE under and between your mattress and bed frames. Don’t forget about your sofa cushions either. Then think about where else bed bugs could be hiding throughout the course of your day. Are they at your work or school? Are you picking them up on the bus?